The 9 Dots Challenge

Raw Architecture 9Dots

CSR Cemintel challenged three major architects across Australia including RAW Architects, Grieve Gillett SA & Edwards Moore.

The challenge was similar to 9 Dots. The firms were asked to submit an innovative design addressing urban density. The design had to use Cemintel creative products in an effective & technically accurate design but also had to reflect a very strong & positive social agenda.

Whilst all three submissions used the Cemintel products in innovative & unique ways, Adam Russell from RAW Architecture created a design that intelligently resolved site constraints by centralising the circulation and community areas of the building which resulted in an social collective heart to the project all the while maintaining a sense of individual ownership.

Adam used Cemintel Designer Series Slimline Slate as the feature cladding in a vertical application,

Cemintel creative products was used extensively throughout the design to break down the mass of the building, provide texture and interest and deliver a cost effective, lightweight building.

Vertical and horizontal elements including staggered horizontal joints and hit-and-miss patterns provided a lively and warm material expression. Slimline ‘Slate’, when combined with extensive planting, brings focus to the central Social Space.

“RAW Architects were thrilled with the opportunity to compete for the 9 Dots preliminary challenge. The design competition gave us the chance to test a suite of urban housing ideas via a hypothetical project. We set out with the ambition to innovate through spatial and material design and beyond the limits of a conventional project.

Particular focus was given to the design of spaces that engendered social interaction and participation in communal life. In consideration of housing affordability, the efficiency and flexibility of the plan and overall building durability were also emphasised. At the material level we saw an opportunity to develop concepts for a new Cemintel jointing system specifically aimed at architects.

We are most honoured to have been awarded the first prize from such an esteemed jury. And we look forward to the ongoing opportunities to address design innovation and housing affordability with Cemintel and CSR.” – Adam Russell, Director RAW Architects

Now it’s your turn to address urban density, affordable housing and unique design.

What our winners had to say

Sam Daysh, 9 Dots Winner 2014

I couldn't recommend [9 Dots] enough really, it's so based in reality & so helpful in the real world - it was incredibly useful, technologically & as a design exercise.

Johannes Lupolo-Chan, 9 Dots Winner 2013

It's definitely made me more confident as a designer. It's been a very beneficial experience and is one of the highlights of my life.

Rana Abboud, 9 Dots Winner 2012

I learnt that there's nothing to lose by entering a design competition & potentially a lot to gain… especially 9 Dots.

View the full interviews via the Cemintel channel on YouTube.